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Hi! My name is samara_queen and I'm 20 years old

  • Language: English,Spanish
  • From: Colombia

Sexy subjects I like to talk about and explore include: Bi-Sexual

Hello everyone!

Few know me but they are doing it every time I'm online, so you have an idea about me, I want to share this ...

I have some tattoos on my body and I would like to become one more, I like to have my body in shape so I go to the gym every time I can, I like to buy shoes. : D the weakness of almost every woman what do you think?
I love food, going to the gym, doing sports.
Woooo!!! i like see guys stripper, bathrooms in chocolate. jajajajaj is horny for me

Mmmmm.... :D I like anal sex, but I have not yet dared to do it, because it gives me fear. : D Will I feel pain?

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