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Hi! My name is lore_florez and I'm 19 years old

  • Language: English,Spanish
  • From: Colombia

Sexy subjects I like to talk about and explore include:

Hi guys, my name is Lore,welcome to my room I want to have alot of fun with you guys

I want to be your latin dream, you can feel able to request any show

I love the nice guys, I dont like rude guys

I really enjoy chinense balls in my ass, also I like shake my bobs 

I love to dance so much! Latin hips are waiting for you

I hope you feel warm and horny with me

Rules: Dont be rude and don't request without TIP kiss


Chat with me next: Sunday, March 18th: 05 PM To 09 PM

Chat with me next: Monday, March 19th: 05 PM To 09 PM

Chat with me next: Tuesday, March 20th: 05 PM To 09 PM

Chat with me next: Wednesday, March 21st: 05 PM To 09 PM

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