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Hi! My name is FuckPants_Friday_AX and I'm 25 years old

  • Language: English
  • From: Canada

Sexy subjects I like to talk about and explore include:

Fuck Pants Friday is a very special day with Hazzardous Material. Join us on a no pants dance as we bring you hilarity every 2nd Friday night on GTFORADIO.COM.

LEAVE YOUR PANTS AT THE DOOR and join us as we chat about sex, celebrities, sports, movies and enjoy live band interviews on the show!

We do this in the comfort of GTFORADIO station and broadcast live in our undies! Watch live because you never know what shenanigans the ladies will get into!

When you join us LIVE you can ask us your burning questions via phone, email, tweet or chat with our girls in the chat room!

Get ready to have one wild ride with the ladies of darkness... in no pants of course!

Chat with me next: Sunday, January 21st: 10 PM To 02 AM

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