About the owner

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paige, and I am the owner of ExquisiteCams.com.

I am a mother of two amazing daughters who are accomplished in their own right. My oldest daughter is a college graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit who is working hard creating her own brand and my youngest has her professional license in the beauty industry and is a master at her craft, I have always encouraged them to follow their dreams and pursue a career that ignites their passion so they will never have to feel like going to work is a job.

In my lifetime I have served in the United States military, worked in the private sector Aerospace industry, been a self employed hairstylist and makeup artist and ventured into various other endeavors that have proven profitable. I have also experienced the devastation that comes with loving the wrong man and have paid dearly for the choice I made in allowing him into my life. The price I paid is unimaginable to most, yet I not only survived, but thrived through it all. The knowledge I’ve gained throughout the years I struggled is what ultimately led me to investing in this business.

When I was approached with the idea of investing in the market of adult entertainment, I was initially put off, thinking that this wasn’t something I wanted to get into. But, the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced of the multilevel entrepreneurial benefits it could provide to a group of women who are often underestimated and taken advantage of. It also led me to think about the good that could come from creating an environment where women could capitalize on their looks and youth while they have them, but also be given an opportunity for educational growth and mentorship in the event they wanted to pursue other career paths.

I am convinced that if more women are taught to view this business as their own entrepreneurial endeavor, then they can also envision creating an empire beyond their webcam…..that they can ultimately view themselves as business women who have more value than most people in this industry give them credit for. If I can help them achieve that mindset, the sky is the limit.

I am a strong, determined woman who believes that women need to lift each other up rather than compete with one another. I am convinced that if a woman has the right guidance, encouragement and mentorship, she can achieve whatever her heart and mind desires, as long as she’s willing to put the effort and time into it. I am here to help them, guide them and mentor them.

I view this business as a stepping stone for each and every woman who chooses to grace my website with her presence. I promise to do my best to promote each and every woman in the best possible light and to be here to mentor them when they are ready to venture into the next phase of their lives.

I have made a commitment to put a percentage of my profits into a betterment fund so that I can assist with tuition for higher learning in the event that any woman who commits to my website wants to change careers or earn a degree. I am a firm believer in women empowering other women to be successful.

I invite you to email me at info@exquisitecams.com, and follow me on Twitter.

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